Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Deliberate Mischief

 "Deliberate Mischief," our current show at Mariposa Gallery in Albuquerque, has been extended until the end of June, 2012. The show features wall mirrors and cabinets, a bench, a new version of our popular chinese checker table, a small hall table, and a variety of unique sculptural objects and boxes. Nearly all the pieces incorporate recycled objects or unusual materials. Here are some more pictures of the show.
Spare Bulbs Wall Mirror
Lotus Bench  

"Buddha's Reincarnated Incense"(above) is created from several vintage metal boxes, an old chinese checkerboard, and Kim's rendering of a foo dog-like creature, assembled on our decorated wooden panel behind. Buddha watches serenely above from the pinkish box. 

Cabinet Number 2, door open: handmade marbelized paper, turned corn cob, raphia nut shell, kalimantan nut!
We named these wall shelves "Nichos" after the Southwestern wall cavities or cabinets that provide a featured place for special objects. Each Nichos features a different type of central panel, made from recycled natural materials (created by a company called Kirei). The one on the left is made from lightened coconut shells (remaining from oil production) laid in a dark substrate. The one below utilizes waste sorghum stalks compressed and sliced into a fascinating board. Each has a hickory frame. Some of our small sculptural objects called "Minis" are featured on each shelf.
An Assortment of Minis and several, fanciful "Can Containers"

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