Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 2014

Random Orbit has been somewhat dormant for awhile. Doug has became a full time faculty member of Santa Fe Community College as well as Chair of the Arts & Design department. It is a change we welcomed and he has met the challenges, but he has been extraordinarily busy this past semester. Kim is working less at an outside job and we are re-envisioning designs and a path forward for our work.  We have been making less of the vintage canisters that were very popular for quite a few years. Over the last few years there have been some custom orders and quite a bit of speculative work. Both Kim and Doug had work (designed separately, not as Random Orbit) in a seating show at the Santa Fe Community Gallery in 2014.

One of our hopes for the next year is to work on our ancient mailing list and update into an e-mail list, so if you see this and would like to be on it, please send your e-mail info. We will try not to wait so long for the next blog!